Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“For far too long we have allowed ourselves to be deluded into thinking that Americans would always be free; that guaranteed "checks and balances" within government would never allow to occur what we witnessed over the last few weeks with the 'health care' monstrosity. Reality has finally assaulted our idealistic fantasies, now the devil wants his due.”
Tim Case

“I believe we have a one party system in this country, called the big-government party. There is a Republican branch that likes war and deficits and assaulting civil liberties. There is a Democratic branch that likes welfare and taxes and assaulting commercial liberties.”
Andrew P. Napolitano

“Government is nothing more than the rationalization and exercise of violence. Everything done by government contains at least the implicit threat of lethal coercion.”
Will Grigg

“This is Americanism, the only predatory ideology to deny that it is an ideology. The rise of tentacular corporations that are dictatorships in their own right and of a military that is now a state within the state, set behind the façade of the best democracy 35,000 Washington lobbyists can buy, and a popular culture programmed to divert and stultify, is without precedent.”
John Pilger

“To maximize liberty, freedom must be limited no more than needed to keep an individual from infringing on another individual’s equal freedom. All interactions, from the most intimate to the most elaborate, must be based in consent. That means no empires, no border cops, no taxation, no drug war, no coercive monopolies, and no forcing people to buy insurance.
Anarchy displaces government and replaces rulers with respect for individual choice, solidarity, mutual aid, and consensual trade. Anarchists solve problems
by treating people as autonomous individuals they would like to see flourish, not as resources they would like to use for power.”
Darian Worden

“It is symptomatic of the pathology of politics that those in authority are unable to grasp the intensity of resentment felt by those they presume to rule by force. The politically-minded – like a physically-abusive parent – must have such self-satisfaction in what they regard as their well-intended motives that they can only dismiss such reactions as being the product of ‘crazed minds’ or ‘religious fanaticism.’”
Butler Shaffer

“There is no middle ground between coercion and non-aggression. Trying to dismantle systems of coercion by gaining the ability to use coercion is not only inconsistent with the ends of voluntaryism and a free society but our participation in electoral democracy signals our consent to be governed by democracy.”
Ross Kenyon

“Today, give me liberty or give me death no longer rings true, the typical American is content to put up with any outrage because he’s so ideologically stripped as to no longer have any idea he should be outraged. Harboring a completely materialistic view of politics that equates material comfort with freedom, he’ll bear any assault on liberty with timid submission so long as the hi-def cable stays on. The intellectuals fare no better in this regard, as they are the very ones who spread the ideas that made hi-def cable more important to us than trial by jury.”
CJ Maloney

“History is littered with the bodies of formerly free peoples who accepted government’s promises of how it would use the powers granted it."
Kevin Carson

“A slave rebellion which engages in murder hardly justifies maintaining slavery, and independence movements which engage in criminal activities do not justify centralizing power.”
Robert Wicks

"The FBI's investigative accomplishments are criminally overrated, but in arranging ersatz terrorist plots it displays choreography skills that put the late Bob Fosse to shame."
Will Grigg

“Shopping with your feet is not only your human right, it's a positive good for the whole world; the more everyone shops for the least onerous governments, the more governments will have to compete for being less onerous, and the better off we'll all be."
Doug Casey
From the Darkness:
“This legislation seeks to ensure that the mistakes made during the apprehension of the Christmas Day bomber, such as reading him a Miranda warning, will never happen again and put Americans’ security at risk.”
John McCain, promoting the “Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010”

"We are all incredibly proud. We all honor what you do. And all of you show all of America what's possible when people come together, not based on color or creed, not based on faith or station, but based on a commitment to serve together, to bleed together and to succeed together as one people, as Americans."
B. Obama, encouraging US soldier boys in Afghanistan to “bleed” some more.

"Your services are absolutely necessary, absolutely essential, to America's safety and security."
B. Obama, explaining to soldier boys in Afghanistan how killing peasants there keeps us safe.

"Just recently I have been directly threatened: A bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office in Richmond this week.”
House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, responding to reports of threats made against Democratic members of Congress. However, the bullet didn't go through the window of Cantor's campaign office; it hit another room in that building. From the outside, it's not even possible to tell that Cantor's campaign office is located inside the building.

"What I can say is that it is the considered view of this administration -- and it has certainly been my experience during my time as legal adviser -- that US targeting practices, including lethal operations conducted with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, comply with all applicable law, including the laws of war."
Harold Koh, US State Department legal advisor.

“We've got that hard-to-count element, along with these fringe (anti-government) groups that are advocating resistance. They think they are hurting the government. They are really hurting themselves and their communities.”
Frances Deviney, director of Texas Kids Count, having a hissy fit over the fact that a large majority of Texans are not returning their census forms.

“We need a more authoritative world. We’ve become a sort of cheeky, egalitarian world where everyone can have their say. It’s all very well, but there are certain circumstances – a war is a typical example – where you can’t do that. You’ve got to have a few people with authority who you trust who are running it. And they should be very accountable too, of course.
But it can’t happen in a modern democracy. This is one of the problems. What’s the alternative to democracy? There isn’t one. But even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being. I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while.”
James Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia hypothesis.

“Any talk of nullification bothers me because it is talk of lawlessness.”
Neil Siegel, professor of law at Duke University

“The conjunction of a black President and a female speaker of the House — topped off by a wise Latina on the Supreme Court and a powerful gay congressional committee chairman — would sow fears of disenfranchisement among a dwindling and threatened minority in the country no matter what policies were in play.”
Frank Rich, NY Times, blaming opposition to Obamacare on racism.

"There was no evidence to challenge the 'scientific consensus' that global warming is induced by human activities."
From Britain’s House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Report

“In a week when events in the Holy Land thousands of years ago are on the minds of millions, we would all do well to include Israel’s security in our prayers as we encourage our government to do all it can to ensure there is never a nuclear Iran able to threaten our interests or our allies.”
Sarah “The Walking Cartoon” Palin

“The challenge is that 85% of these assets are owned by private companies and individuals. The government cannot protect cyberspace alone—and neither can the private sector. Therefore, we need proactive collaboration.”
Olympia Snowe and Jay Rockefeller showing their support for Obama’s fascist Cyber Security Act of 2010.

"If military force is ever employed, it should be done in a decisive fashion. The Iran government's ability to wage conventional war against its neighbors and our troops in the region should not exist. They should not have one plane that can fly or one ship that can float."
Sen. Lindsay Graham, foaming at the mouth over the impending war on Iran.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”
Rep. Hank Johnson, questioning Admiral Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific fleet, about the stationing of 5,000 additional U.S. Marines and their families on the western Pacific island of Guam.

"Keep in mind that there have been periods in American history where this kind of - this kind of vitriol comes out. It happens often when you've got an economy that is making people more anxious and people are feeling that there's a lot of change that needs to take place. But that's not the vast majority of Americans."
B. Obama, attempting to explain away his opponents and the fact that the “majority of Americans” hate his guts.

"I don't worry about the Constitution on this to be honest."
Congressman Phil Hare, when asked where in the Constitution does it give the government power to require individuals to purchase health insurance.

“We're talking about federal funds, and we're talking about representation. Our voice in this community must be heard. It is about power, and it is about federal funding, and we must make sure that our North Texas region ... is well-represented."
Pauline Medrano, a Dallas City Council member, exposing what the census is all about- stolen money, illegitimate power over others, and violence.

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