Sunday, November 15, 2009

Image Review of the Week

Smiling tyrants = less freedom on the horizon:

Let music fill the fields.....

.....instead of marching armies:

Why not pass on the parade…… and pass on some wisdom?

Carbon capture goes extreme:

Twenty years after one wall came down.....

.....there are more walls than ever:

Leviathan’s favorite cannon fodder:

Obamatrons applaud their health care victory:

Too bad they couldn’t have their weapons when they were alive:

Crocodile tears for the dead meat.....

…..while looking for more recruits to fill the graves:

Bad influences. Don’t let your kids hang out with the wrong crowd.....

.....or rotten babysitters:

Nothing novel on the news front- just historical reruns, .....

.....annoying tyrants, .....

.....and timeless pleas for common sense:

The jackboots haul away our last hope:

Blinded and clueless.....

.....while repeating war chants and mantras:

Militarists are ga-ga over O-ba-ma:

Who next will be consumed by the fiery beast of war?

Listen to your rulers- they know best:

Passing on the meme- Killing and war is just fun and games:


Don Emmerich Jr. said...

Another wonderful presentation -- thanks.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks! And thanks to all of you who link to this feature.