Monday, October 19, 2009

DART the Dinosaur

Tempers are still hot and the blame game is still underway after DART’s failure to adequately transport thousands of Texas/OU football fans to the Cotton Bowl this past Saturday. Many folks did not arrive to the game until halftime or later, despite leaving for the site hours in advance.

DART’s initial response was to blame its customers- "Customers will learn the tricks of riding." How typical! Exactly what “tricks” are appropriate- sitting up on our hind legs and begging for a multi-billion dollar “rapid” transit operation to function efficiently and quickly? Or are your customers mistaken over the meaning of DART’s acronym- “Dallas Area RAPID Transit?” Perhaps it should be “Delayed And Retarded Trains.”

DART has been a parasite in Dallas for over 25 years, leeching off the area’s economic base. Everything in Dallas cost individuals 1% more (through a special sales tax) to satisfy the appetite of this thieving beast. Their pockets are so deep they’ve got loot to spend on exotic and questionable art.

Soviet-style, centrally planned, one-size-fits-all transportation systems, like DART, will ALWAYS fail to meet the needs of individuals. Being a tax subsidized monopoly, DART has absolutely NO incentive to improve or modify their service, as they are completely unaccountable and free of competition. No private competition will arise because no one can compete with a government subsidized agency. The people who actually use the “service” are paying well below market rates for their transportation, subsidized by the tax serfs who have no use for “mass transit.”

It’s WAY past time to close down and euthanize this tax eating dinosaur and sell its assets to the private sector who will truly service the transportation needs of the public.

All together now……

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