Sunday, May 10, 2009

Light Flashes

Swine flu: More schools closed, more cases reported

The kids are better off not being in school. They get a break from the disease known as state indoctrination. They get a chance to spend a little time living as free individuals and not as part of the collectivist herd.

They won’t be forced to stand and salute a pretty rag while reciting a useless, meaningless chant of allegiance.

Here’s hoping they learn to like it.

Robert Duvall and the evil of conservatism

Robert Duvall has been my favorite actor for a couple decades but he’s dead wrong with his bullying of Walmart.

Personally, I’d like ALL these battlefields developed and put to useful service, instead of laying idle while they glorify the barbarism of war.

Battlefields represent the ultimate failures of humanity- where killing each other was seen as a useful and effective method of resolving differences. Why would anyone want to “preserve” such places?

They should be developed using the peaceful creativity of entrepreneurs and artists to celebrate wisdom, accomplishment, peace, art, and commerce.
Why allow them to remain fallow to glorify and re-enforce the memories of death, destruction, ignorance, and bloody nationalism?

Ultimately, of course, the use of the land is solely a decision of the property owner.

Laura Bush talks about life in Dallas, her 'grandcat'


“Bush said she hopes to continue building relationships with women from Afghanistan.”

Let’s hope there’s still some women left to help after the Bush/Obama-led genocide.

Laura, dear, your sweet hubby belongs in a strait jacket and a jail cell.

DWI suspect dies in Denton County crash

Consider these facts:

1) The police can now hold an individual in jail, indefinitely, without charges (violating Article I, Sect. 9 of the US Constitution).

2) The police can now legally torture any individual deemed and classified as worthy of the act (violating the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution).

With this knowledge ALL persons should be running from the police!

Dallas convention hotel supporters prevail in tight race

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Mr. Levinthal (the reporter) should be thrilled with the election results as it guarantees years of future stories to write involving corruption, graft, incompetence, delays, cost overruns, bankruptcies and financial turmoil that will surround this "hotel."

The government owning and operating a hotel? What a joke! These are the same boobs, thieves, and bullies that run the Post Office, failed schools, and the TSA!

Will this “hotel” be just as dark, dank, ugly, poorly lighted and depressing as that wretched City Hall building?

You voters have no one to blame but yourselves. When you vote you give legitimacy to an inherently corrupt institution that claims ownership of your life and property. Only a delusional and misguided soul would agree to that arrangement.

Officials blunt activism set off by China quake

Don’t these actions by the Chinese government remind you of the US Government’s behavior during Hurricane Katrina? No matter the label applied to a form of government or the claims of superiority by one form over another, states remain identical in purpose- to rule over and control all actions and property of individuals.

If the state intends to maintain this control it cannot tolerate massive activities inspired by community interest, cultural mores and the natural, spontaneous order of the marketplace. Why do you think the state perpetually works to divide communities and pit one group against another? It’s to destroy the natural bonding that comes from common interest and empathy.

The controlling central planners arrogantly claim to have all knowledge necessary to direct every facet of over lives as individuals as well as our relationships with other individuals. Imagine the shock they must experience when realizing their efforts are inept and impotent. Imagine the horror they suffer at the realization that they may, after all, not be the all knowing, discerning man-gods they convinced themselves they were.

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