Monday, May 4, 2009

Light Flashes

U.S. incensed over census

"It's time for some polite, patriotic civil disobedience.”
Polite? Why? Would you be polite when a representative of a known thief and murderer comes to your door?

The object should be to make the life of any census worker that accosts you as miserable as legally and morally possible. Help them come to the conclusion that their job is not worth all the flak, hostility, and aggravation that comes from invading the lives and property of peaceful individuals.

Irving explores capping payday loan interest rates

It’s comical to hear government gangsters referring to honest businessmen as “sharks.” The only “problem” is that these state parasites exact an excessive amount of tribute (taxes) to run their protection scams and fraudulent schools. Reduce the amount stolen from people’s paychecks and they would be a lot less likely to need these payday loans. That’s the only “problem” I see to be solved.

These loans are mutually agreed upon contracts between lender and borrower. What business is it of the government’s? These so-called “sharks” offer a product in demand and peacefully satisfy their customers. Governments do nothing but steal and force their “services” upon the populace at the point of a gun.

Now, you tell me- who needs to be “regulated?”

Cowboys practice facility collapses in storm

Watch all the big bad football players too chickens@#! to play in the rain.

Watch all the government goons standing around with their arms folded making that sweet, easy overtime.

Watch all the tax slaves, whose wallets will soon be even lighter.

There are high schools in this area who have indoor practice facilities. But a “professional” football team does not? You can almost smell a conspiracy here. Owner/head fascist, Mr. Jones is conveniently out of town when the roof caves in (he’s, otherwise, ALWAYS at practice). Don’t you know that in the near future some Irving politician (with bribe safely packed away from prying press eyes) will come forward with the idea that the “deserving” Cryboys should be built an indoor practice facility- courtesy of the taxpayer.

“After all they’ve done for our city, that’s the least we can do.”

You think I’m crazy? Watch for it.

Bogus Web ad is invitation to steal

I hoped you noticed that the instigator of the fraud is a policeman!

Leave it to an arrogant Poli-Pig to come up with this idea. He reminds me of the character in the movie, “Lakeview Terrace.” Talk about life imitating art!

The sad fact is that Craigs List will bear the brunt of the bad press, and the lying, putrid, rude Arlington Pigs will go about their business of abusing and leeching off the tax slaves.

Energy Future Holdings ramps up efforts to get Congress to delay pay-to-pollute bill

You know people have finally lost it when the they consider carbon dioxide (what every animal on the earth exhales) as a pollutant! Not to mention the fact that plants just love the stuff. Since environmentalists are now on record despising the well being of animals AND plants, just what is left in the “environment” to be concerned about- rocks, dirt, wind and rain?

The state parasites have run out of items and behavior to tax so now they appear to be aiming their taxing powers at the Periodic Table- starting with the element, carbon, one of the most plentiful and the basic element of life. How appropriate. They still have 116 elements left to tax, folks, so be prepared for a long haul.

Obama's plan to close tax loopholes

Oh boy! 800 new thugs will be on the streets to harass peaceful people and eat out their substance! Obama has learned well the methods of Chicago mobsters- threatening force against those who are hesitant to pay their tribute. Obama’s threats against these companies are nothing less than extortion, seeing as they are doing nothing illegal. If you and I made these kind of threats we would be arrested.

Notice how the state’s language continually evolves to mislead their subjects. Pork barrel spending is now “stimulus spending.” Tax payer funded bailouts of private business are now “rescues.” Raising taxes is now called “closing loopholes.”


Minnesota Chris said...

Great commentary Roger, thank you.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks, Chris. I find it a great way to blow off steam after witnessing the nonsense from idiots who claim they own and run my life.