Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Pop-In by the Two-Face

Re: Obama makes surprise visit to Iraq:

Some withdrawal! 50,000 troops remain? Only a media protected politi-gangster could get away with that kind of double talking newspeak. If this Iraq escapade of “liberation” is so successful why does the US supreme leader have to enter under the cover of secrecy? Then, he’s too cowardly to even travel a few miles further because of a bit of bad weather?

Iraq, in reality, is nothing more than a colony of the imperialist US Government. Iraq is now just another of the USG’s livestock pens- a source of human capital and natural resources for the state parasites to harvest and plunder as they see fit.

USG Loyalists need to understand that the state they bow to does not exist to serve them, it exists to serve the war masters that profit from the carnage and bloodshed resulting from fighting created and even imaginary enemies. Those troops need to remain to continually stir up resentment and hostility among the natives to keep the war game going- and the profits flowing- and YOUR sons and daughters (not theirs) dying.

Now, it’s OFF TO PAKISTAN for more of the same!

Maybe we’ll live to see the day when the US President/King/Dictator needs the cover of darkness and/or secrecy to travel to cities in the US! We’ll then know for sure that a great awakening has occurred among the American populace regarding their relationship with their state masters. We’ll then know for sure that the government now fears the people and the people no longer fear their government. Only then will the light of liberty shine, once again.
“When the people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson

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