Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Message to the Tea Party Participants

I’m afraid you decent folks will continue to be ignored. The state cares nothing about you, only what they can plunder from you. Much more radical action than yelling and waving those ugly Yankee War Flags is required to fight these abominable tyrants. This event reminded me more of a little girl's tea party in the back yard rather than a true, courageous demonstration of individual sovereignty by liberty-loving men and women.

Quit cooperating with these bastards! Quit paying taxes! Lose your nationalism and state allegiance. All governments are evil- especially yours, because it gets away with so much. Arm yourself to the teeth and defend yourself from these pirates, if necessary! The only language they understand is steely resistance and what comes out of the point of a gun.
The fact remains that as long as the state exists you will suffer this tyranny. De-legitimize and abolish the state and this tyranny will disappear. It's really that simple.

Don’t forget- you voters only have yourselves to blame. By voting and participating in their scam elections (given the choice between Socialist Sam and Fascist Fred), you grant the criminal state ownership over your life and property. What else will men do but abuse this power?

Continuing to vote and expecting better results is as irrational as a rape victim screaming to her assailant, “Give me more! Give me more!”

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