Saturday, February 21, 2009

Image Review of the Week

Looks like C.C. has plenty of time..... least until this youngster is old enough to know better:

The Anointed One waits for applause:

Occasionally, an avenue of escape presents itself:

This can’t be good news:

Gimme more, gimme more!:

At least someone wants to move to Detroit:

Cotton Candy Crusaders satisfy their sweet tooth:

Always giving. Candy by day....

…..and drone attacks by night:

A sacrilegious and racist display- Representing Master Obama as a white guy:

Returning to her “liberated” home:

Under the shadow of the Creator, the revenue hogs are searching for their share....

....though not ALL the little piggys may sidle up to the Federal stimulus teat:

The most photographed, but least read bill, in history:

Johnny Law hits the jackpot:

Hillary looks to tame the Chinese:

Satan is smiling:

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