Saturday, February 14, 2009

Image Review of the Week

The confused and ignorant will look to idols and earthly messiahs:

You work hard to escape the state’s clutches, but there’s always something pulling you back:

A steel building on fire and…….it doesn’t collapse!:

Come fly with us- (Keep movin movin movin, Though they’re disapprovin, Keep them doggies moving..);

Overturning the laws of economics isn’t enough. Obama takes aim at the laws of gravity:

What’s a queen without a robe?....

....and what’s a king without a carriage?

Celebrating 200 years of myths:

The tradition continues:

Hear the band:

The winds of judgment are just beginning to blow:

Joe the Joker makes sure no one falls between the cracks:

A change in the chain of command requires much redecorating:

No need to dress. Just a friendly visit from Janey Jackboot:

You can scrub and you can scrub, but the slime just won’t come off:

Sic Semper Tryannis- Tyrants beget even more tyrants:

A romantic moment for fascists in love:

They’re all heart. The state not only owns you, but loves you:

Big tough soldier-persons need their comforter:

The Empire’s new enforcer:

US Crusaders- always looking for new ways to draw blood:

How come George isn’t smiling?

Is there room in the empire junkyard for still one more?

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