Saturday, July 29, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"If the law is unjust, and breaking the law would not threaten the rights of others or violate any moral duties toward oneself, then it is morally permissible to break the law. A law proclaiming the indivisibility of the state is an unjust law because it does not permit citizens to withhold or withdraw consent: it forces them to be subjected to a legal system to which they never agreed. Breaking even an unjust law shouldn’t be done casually, especially by government officials, because it could undermine public order. But if those risks to the rights of others are low enough, then it can be justified."
Jason Sorens

"One of the great myths of our time is that the U.S. is a free market capitalist system. In reality, there is no free market in America and has not been for more than 150 years. A market with regulations and licensing and taxation and incentives and cronyism and restrictions on whom a business may or may not serve is in no way a free market."
Bob Livingston

"If a centralized power were to manage all healthcare resources, it would, over time, begin to see human life as a matter of resource allocation.
It would become the singular arbiter of life and death."
Chris Campbell

"The political class' appeals to American ‘family’ and ‘unity’ is merely a means to obscure what’s really on the agenda— an agenda that goes far beyond the purview of our actual families, villages, townships, cities, and states. The political establishment continues to falsely believe a diverse nation of 300 million-plus people, a nation of nearly 20,000 actual cities, as well as countless families and cultures, can be managed like a singular political body without negative consequences. If only we surrender more of our liberties and governing decisions to Washington D.C., says the political class, 'the people' of the United States can be prodded into unity — as long as we are allowed to chew on a bit of happy talk and watch a charity baseball game."
Joey Clark

"That the Soviet Union, under Stalin’s tyrannical rule, had a written constitution (modeled after the American version) should have tipped off otherwise intelligent minds that words are unable to dissuade violent dispositions! Words must always be interpreted, and when the American state usurped the authority to interpret its own powers (see Marbury v. Madison), it should have surprised no one that governmental powers would receive expanded definitions, while individual liberty would have reduced levels of respect."
Butler Shaffer

"Unlike Hitler and his followers, today’s anti-Southern zealots don’t share a Germanic culture. They instead define themselves by their political community. But similar to the Nazis, they possess a cult-like belief that they’re fighting for “good, since its object is the betterment of all.” They are superior in purpose, so conquest by any means necessary."
Dissident Mama

"Here is the one question for selection of candidates for public office by both political parties: Can this candidate win? Meaning—Has a proven ability to commit crimes and not get caught."
Jack Perry

"Americans should undermine their 'democracy'. They should assault it. It needs assaulting. It needs a strong dose of desecration because it has taken on an entirely undeserved role as a sacred institution. The next marches on Washington should be to downsize the government drastically, to end rules and regulations, to cut out bureaus, to end programs, to lay off bureaucrats, and to eliminate whole departments. The New Deal and the subsequent growth of government built upon it need to be understood as extremely harmful to Americans and something to be repudiated. The country needs to engage in a very, very different kind of restructuring of ideas and government, or else continue going downhill."
Michael Rozeff

"Nationalism is simply the love of one’s language, culture, history and heritage, one’s very identity in short, but as wielded by an empire, nationalism becomes a murderous tool to violate one nation after another. The American empire is destroying the American nation."
Linh Dinh

"Society is not a family. Government is not a parent."
Richard Ebeling

"We are living under a President who proclaims 'America First,' and yet we have a 'defense' budget that does everything but defend this country’s borders from attack: our shipping is still as vulnerable as ever, and our borders aren’t any less porous than they were when Trump came to office. Oh, but don’t worry: our service members can change genders at will, and our Space Cadets will soon be bringing democracy to the red plains of Mars."
Justin Raimondo

"Everywhere you look, economics is despised.
The gimme-free-stuff people hate it, because they don't like being told that there might be undesirable side effects from seizing other people's things.
Politicians hate it, because it imposes logical constraints on what political activity can accomplish.
Even some folks in the business world hate it, because (1) they'd rather agitate for special privileges than hear the case for free markets, and (2) they'd rather have low interest rates than be warned about the causes of the business cycle."
Tom Woods

"Leftists treat normal like it is a setting on a washing machine."
Susan Stamper Brown

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