Friday, January 20, 2017

Tick Tock, Goes the Trump Clock

The god-Trump appears to have survived the inauguration’s swearing in ceremony. He is “officially” the new Emperor and Creator of All Things Good.

But how long will he physically survive the dissent of the National Security State, the ruling establishment and Hillary-inspired left wing terrorists?

How long before the CIA “neutralizes” Trump? Who will they blame it on? Will military stooges stage a coup and seat Pence the Hack or even Queen Killary in his place? Will the god-Trump be renditioned to Gitmo?

Leave your predictions here. Please include not only the date but the actual action committed.

1 comment:

BuelahMan said...

We will see 8 years of uninterrupted, slavish subservience to the Likudnik controllers' dictate... with a pause mid-term for some political drama and more promises to appease the sycophants.

Rinse and repeat every 8 years... worse and worse and worse until it is destroyed and its wealth depleted and the survivors huddling, barely alive. Allthewhile the Drumpfs of the world laugh and say "You're Fired! while grabbing a pussy just for giggles.