Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"We live in a world where will people will accept almost anything as true so long as it's endorsed by an authority figure of some kind. Anything except for the idea that they don't need authority figures to save them. We didn't arrive here by mistake, but I should probably stop while I'm ahead. Otherwise, the authority figures will brand me as a conspiracy theorist and all the 'rational' people will hold hands and sing 'banish this crazy man from our sacred circles. He is a witch who dares to teach our children that they are more powerful than what our schools permit them to believe. Away with thee. Away with thine forbidden heresy.'"
T.K. Coleman

"The only way to ban markets is to beat them down with force. And since markets are abstractions, the force is used against people. So the alternative to a market-oriented society in which everyone is required to respect everyone else’s rights is a society in which those in power use force on whomever they can get away with using it on.”
David R. Henderson

“Hierarchical organizations are failing in the response to decision-making challenges. And this is true whether we’re talking about dictatorships, or communism that had very centralized control processes, and for representative democracies today. Representative democracies still focus power in one or few individuals. And that concentration of control and decision-making makes those systems ineffective.”
Yaneer Bar-Yam

"Most libertarians have a hard time remembering: the enemy is the state.  This isn’t about smoking pot or gay marriage or open borders or limited government or more efficient government.  It is about killing the beast known as the state.  It cannot be killed by physical force – they have bigger guns.  It can only be killed by ideas, and since much of the audience doesn’t really grasp (or doesn’t agree with) the ideas, the next best thing is to strip the state of any semblance of legitimacy.
Political decentralization is libertarian theory put into practice.  A great step would be 50 sovereign states; a better step would be 3000 sovereign counties; even better would be 100 million sovereign households, but I don’t want to sound greedy."
Bionic Mosquito

"If California left tomorrow, they would be a third world shithole in 24 months. They are a Federally subsidized funded debt canary that can’t sustain the pensions they promised and fairy dust welfare state they crafted on the backs of workers and the unborn progeny now mired in debt. If other Sovietized America-stans like the Northeastern hellholes and the Moscow analog in Chicago want to secede, please go, you are doing your neighbors a favor."
Bill Buppert

“The leftists who are so dismayed by Trump but who were so lenient and forgiving to Clinton have no political home except the Democratic Party. Their allegiance is to party politics, not to justice across the board. It is to a half-assed version of justice. This is a version that places enormous weight on concerns over prejudices of many kinds but very much lower weight on actual death, destruction, disability, misery, physical violence and injury that’s caused by people like Bush and Clinton. Why be so strongly concerned over prejudices and not over crimes against human beings? When the prejudices are realized in the form of crimes, then they gain some attention from the left. Why not be strongly against these crimes from all sources and especially from governments run by both Republicans and Democrats? Why the attachment to warring against prejudices and not violent crimes of the state? Which is more important, the choice of a bathroom and the feelings of a transgender person or an American bomb dropped in Afghanistan that kills 32 innocent women and children? Why focus on one but not the other?”
Michael Rozeff

“Much of the fear, violence and destruction we see in the media is a result of a parasitical force which thrives on separation, division, ignorance and hate. That parasite… the ego... lives in all of us. The media is very good at manipulating the ego’s fear, pain and anger, reframing it, and twisting it to its advantage. 
The parasitical class doesn’t need to do much more than create a toxic environment and tell a few damning stories about the ‘evil others.’ They know that the ‘blue’ side will always blame it on the ‘red’ side and vice versa. After that, they mostly just kick back and enjoy the show.”
Chris Campbell

“In failure or adversity it’s so easy to hate. Hate defers blame. It makes someone else responsible. It’s a distraction too; we don’t do much else when we’re busy getting revenge or investigating the wrongs that have supposedly been done to us.” 
Ryan Holiday

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