Thursday, August 6, 2015

War Criminal Gets Jury Duty

Is a war criminal and mass murderer qualified to perform jury duty?

Apparently, such an individual is worthy to do so in Dallas County.

The Butcher of Iraq and Afghanistan took time off from searching for Iraqi WMD’s and playing with limbless soldier boys he created to “report” for such duty. He put on a good show, joking and laughing with kidnapped sovereigns, helping to pacify any objections to state sponsored forced labor to serve the “justice” system.

Sure, I was disappointed he wasn’t “chosen” to “serve” on an actual jury. But I am even more disappointed that not a single fellow captive out of 34 individuals would look into his eyes and demand he defend his murderous rampage of conquest. Not one.

The local loyalist slaves appear happy with their state master, content with its “policy“ of mass murder and mayhem, and not embarrassed in the least to be photographed with one of its premier instigators.

“I think he was a pretty cool guy”

Meanwhile, The Decider and regular guy can now get back to making speeches.

Feeling optimistic about the future?

Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


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