Friday, July 24, 2009

The Hippies Were Right!

Perhaps Mr. Nguyen (the offspring of a Vietnamese mother and GI dad) has unknowingly encouraged a new foreign policy initiative to be carried out by “the troops.”. Instead of invading, torturing, and killing residents of third world countries, those troops merely have sex with the local women to produce thousands of offspring who are conveniently rescued to be grateful tax serfs for the US state. A diabolical plan!

Maybe it’s time to replace “standing armies” with the more effective concept of “laying armies.” The hippies were right- Make Love, Not War!

All joking aside, Mr. Nguyen’s gratitude is misplaced- his “freedom” is an inalienable gift from his creator, not from any state. He his born free by simply being born human. Whatever freedom he feels he has remaining is in spite of the existence of any state, not because of it. He should feel absolutely NO obligation to any state, let alone its murdering armies. In fact, his new state masters are even more corrupt and nearly as Marxist as his former ones.
Now it’s up to us liberty minded folks to show him the difference between true, individual freedom as opposed to the false concept of collective freedom pedaled by nation states.
Mr. Nguyen is indeed fortunate to be living, by being conceived in love- rather than be a murdered corpse, buried beneath the Vietnamese soil. However, in not knowing the true origin of his freedom- he risks giving it up at behest of the state from which he seem to believe it originates.

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