Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why Give Tyrants Your Blessing?

Protests are now underway against the prayer to be offered by Rick Warren at St. Obama’s coronation. People are actually upset that a Christian will recite a prayer that mentions the name of Christ! Can people get any stupider?

A fact that should genuinely upset Christians is that a man who claims to be a minister of the gospel of Christ chooses to even participate in such an event.
No true Christian would have anything to do with the state- let alone give a blessing in His name. The state is Satan's tool on earth-why give it legitimacy? Why would God send a Savior to earth only to preach subservience to the most wicked of earthly inventions- the tyrannical state?

The actions and words of Jesus Christ show nothing less than contempt for the state and its deceptive, self anointed, elitist “leaders.” The state embodies the worst qualities of fallen man: murder, theft, forced collectivism and deception. To fall under the spell of the satanic state is to become a walking abomination to God- as you are living as a slave, rather than as a free individual. Sanctioning the state’s existence (by participating in its grandiose ceremonies) is an affront to the will of God. Christians should reject the state in all its forms and work for its demise, not kowtow in acts of reverence and approbation.

The term, “Christian nation” is an oxymoron. “Nation” implies a forced collectivist, politically created community that claims territorial boundaries. Christianity is a faith for individualists, not an excuse to be subservient to the will and whims of perverted, earthly tyrants who claim a piece of real estate to be under their dominion. The Body of Christian believers is the only entity that Christians need have allegiance and its reach is limitless.

The state and the institutional church have been cautious allies for centuries. The continued existence of both institutions is contingent on them maintaining power over the lives, property, movements, and even thoughts of individuals.
Both entities long ago realized that each can complement the other by deceiving individuals into maintaining allegiances to both. Mr. Warren continues this infamous tradition.

Mr. Warren is a suck-up and a sell out. You either serve God or you serve the state- you can't do both.

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