Thursday, October 16, 2008

The State Protects Us From Wayward Chickens

There is no limit to how and where the state seeks control over the lives of individuals. And, of course, this control is backed up by the threat of violence. There also seems to be no limit to how ridiculous the state is willing to appear while asserting its illegitimate authority.

State agents will even go to the extreme of issuing an arrest warrant for an “illegal” chicken to make its point that it and only it controls the actions and decisions of individuals.

Forget the fact that the animal’s owner received no complaints from neighbors or customers. A rule is a rule! Forget the idea that an exception could be peacefully negotiated. A rule is a rule- and it must be obeyed to the letter! The fact that the rooster walked around the shop for years with no complaints proves the state’s untenable argument.

It’s good to see Mr. Scheel has a sense of humor about his ordeal while competently illustrating the farcical predicament with which he finds himself. It’s also comforting to know that he is fighting this needless act of aggression by overpaid bureaucrats with too much time on their hands.
The state’s pursuance of this matter proves that the chicken’s presence at Mr. Scheel’s business is not the threat but rather Mr. Scheel’s “uncooperative nature” and refusal to be told what to do with his animal on his property.

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